How You Will Benefit

  • Acquire an excellent understanding of the mileage system pricing and know how to interpret and read all GDS displays          relevant to mileage system pricing
  • Know how to identify and price different journey types (including round-the-world journeys and journeys travelled in different classes)
  • Understand global indicators
  • Understand fare rules and air fare taxes
  • Be able to apply all minimum-fare rule checks
  • Know how and when to use side trips
  • Know how to add a manual fare to a GDS booking file
  • Be able to use the IATA/UFTAA Fare Formula to correctly price a journey
  • Know how to use a GDS to issue tickets for manually-priced reservations
  • Know how to read each field of an ATB ticket
  • Know how to use the Lowest Combination Factor
  • Be able to construct and read a linear fare construction

Designed For

  • Entry-level students
  • Travel consultants
  • Personnel of airlines, tour operators and consolidators
  • Internet travel suppliers

Course Content

  • Study one of these three GDS systems: Amadeus, Galileo or Sabre 
  • Introduction to air fares, analysing itineraries and retrieving fares from a GDS
  • Introduction to the mileage system
  • Practice pricing one way and circle trips
  • Limitations on indirect travel, side trips and surface sectors
  • Backhauls, circle trips, journeys in different classes of service and alternative fare break points
  • Lowest combinations, round-the-world journeys, sales indicators and minimum checks
  • Currency conversion, taxes and practice ticketing
Miss.Soosy Hopwood ( 17 years ) youngest student to have passed
IATA GDS Fares & Ticketing - amadeus ( Distinction ) from our Academy

Miss. Minolie Fernando, IATA GDS Fares & Ticketing - AMADEUS ( Distinction )
BEST PERFORMANCE STUDENT - September 2010 Exam as per IATA - Montreal
LKR 40000
USD  300
   ID : LK - ILT - 2 - 05 - 001
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By: Mamdooh(IATA/UFTAA Foundation-Distinctions for Paper 1 and 2)
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IATA Global Distribution Systems Fares and Ticketing Course